psh, you suck.

& so do you.

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This is a place where you can express your anger about things/people/whatever you think suck, why it sucks, how much it sucks, and so on and so on. Haters start hatin'. You can share stories of suckiness, long and short. All is welcome here. Except if you suck. Then you can fall off your roof. Oh, and you can save the drama for your mama.

P.S. This is the one and only community where you can complain about every little thing in your pathetic excuse for a life! TeeHee! =]


1) You can ramble on about things, cause I know that I do, but if it is going to be an uberly long post, make sure its under a cut, save us, and our friend's journal the trouble =]

2) Don't diss anyone elses posts by saying things like "Oh your life isnt hard..That story doesnt..suck"..Cause, that just isn't cool..See rule 5 for more details on this, and any other rules =]

3) Don't promote your community without asking for my permission. You find a way to ask me, I'm not looking for you. You can go on my journal and get my screen name there.
washoutmymemory. Just please don't make a post on it, it's friends only..Just go find my screen name, you dig? This rule also goes for any idea's about the future of Godyousuck..Like ideas for layouts, or icons..Ask me, I'll think about it..Be coooool about it =]

4) Have fun! I enjoy reading about people's lives, and what sucks about them. So you should also =]

5) Last but not least, follow the rules. I don't want to kick you kids out..I really dont =]


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