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hey, i just joined because i feel the overwhelming need to share my hate for the pretentious little bitches at mac_cosmetics.  

now, most of the ladies in the group are wonderful and truely believe in what Mac makeup is all about:  Beauty, Acceptance & Diversity.

then there are the girls who live on the board and post their daily thoughts, photos and OT drivvel.  like i give a shit!!???    

do i degrade them in front of the whole community for their idiocy?  their unoriginality?  their looks?  umm, no.  i move along and focus on what the community is really about.

so i made this post .  somewhat tongue in cheek to just see what would happen.  sure enough.....  the petty little sheep all showed up in fine form to try to knock me down....  PFT!   what they don;t realize is that when i post pics im not looking for them to build me up.  some of these girls post their pictures EVERY DAY.  "oh im so ugly, please tell me im not....."  i did what i set out to do, and that is to call out all the bitches in the community!!!!  
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